At Fowler State Bank, we strive to find the perfect solution to your specific borrowing needs.  In order to do this, we need to fully understand your request and financial situation.  The best starting point for us is our standard credit application.  This credit application will provide us with an overview of the amount you will be requesting, what it’s for, as well as the standard personal information necessary for our file documentation.

Credit Application

Do not email these documents to the bank, as they will contain sensitive personal and financial information.  These documents should be completed and printed; then either bring them with you when you come to speak with a loan officer or fax them directly to the bank at 719-263-4277.

Some additional documentation will be required on consumer requests exceeding $50,000.00.  The following documents should also be completed and given to us when you come in:

If you need assistance completing these documents, feel free to call or come see one of our experienced loan officers.  We look forward to finding the right solution to meet your needs.