Checking Accounts

Fowler State Bank offers a variety of checking accounts for each customer's needs. There are many choices to select from.

  • Fowler State Bank Free Checking!
  • Free Commercial Business Accounts!
  • Club FSB, for Account Holders Age 50 & Over!
  • Interest Bearing NOW Accounts!
  • Interest Bearing Super NOW Accounts!
  • Money Market Plus Accounts!

     Contact Fowler State Bank for more information on the plan of your choice.

Overdraft Protection

Even with the best intentions, mistakes can happen and a miscalculation can result in an overdraft fee.  Let FSB Overdraft Protection save you time, money and the embarrassment of an unpaid check, as overdrafts are only paid at the discretion of the bank.

With Overdraft Protection, we can link your checking account to your FSB Money Market or Savings account, so funds will automatically be transferred if you overdraw your checking account.  Call or stop by to sign up today!

Alternatively, you may qualify for a small-dollar loan as a lesser cost alternative to overdraft fees.  Speak with one of our loan officers or click here to obtain a credit application.

Savings Accounts

Fowler State Bank offers a variety of savings account options to meet your many needs.  Choose the savings account plan that suits your needs best.

  • Passbook Savings Account..........No minimum balanced required!
  • Children's Passbook Savings Account..........a great starter for your child's future!
  • Health Savings Account..........A tax-deductible account designed exclusively for covering medical expenses.
Contact Fowler State Bank for further information regarding these various savings plans.

Certificates of Deposit

Fowler State Bank offers high-yielding certificates of deposit that are fully insured by the FDIC.  We strive to provide our customers with the best available options, so call us today at (719) 263-4276 to get a current rate quote!